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Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy in English and Italian

Daniela Bruni

Hampstead NW3, London Bridge SE1 and Clapham SW11



Group Therapy on Anxiety


Anxiety taints life, emptying it of joy, even precious down time, which should be relaxing and restorative. It manifests in different ways: diffusely or striking at specific moments; in a crisis, as a result of loss, loss remembered, or illness, etc. Often it can emerge for no apparent reason.


I am currently gathering a group on anxiety at Number 42, London Bridge in conjunction with Hephzibah Rendle-Short. The group will run weekly on Tuesday lunchtime from 1pm and offers space for up to 12 people. The fee will be on a sliding scale according to income and personal circumstances.


If you would like to refer yourself to the group or find out more, contact me by phone or email.


07912 370327





Daniela Bruni            Hampstead NW3, London Bridge SE1 and Clapham SW11                Telephone 07912 370327            

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